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Sunny Tee: We Only Draw, We Didn’t Lose

Sunny Tee: We only Draw, We Didn’t Lose

“We did not lose the game, we draw.” Sunny Tee corrected a reporter after the game.

He then went on to criticize the referee and the linemen lamenting that “the linemen decisions were constantly against the referee decisions. The referee too is not time conscious. I don’t too like matches being referred by a player of another team. If the organizer can find something to do about it, it will be better”

When asked about the wisdom behind his substitutions, noting that it was after the changes they conceded. In words, he was asked if he made the changes because there are some players that are too big not to play, Sunny Tee evaded the question replying that “there is what we call tactics and we need to test some of our players capabilities.”

FC Praiso next match against Oil Money on Wednesday will be an El-Classico. One of the winner-determining matches. FC Praiso cannot afford to lose again after dropping two points today. Interestingly, Oil Money are not a lowly team to play with. Wednesday, 4:30pm, save the time.

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