Sunny Tee: A Drama King.

This competition means a lot to the FC Praiso coach and it is evident in his touchline melodramatic display. He is the type of manager that believes mouth is not enough to instruct players.


Sunny-Tee is an expressive crowd pleaser. In his suit and boot, at the touchline, he can shout out sense to his player at any angle on the pitch. How would you see a manager throwing punch in the air, passionately bouncing on his feet and not heed his instruction?

He can be well likened to Athletico Madrid’s legendary coach, Diego Simeone not only with his choice of dress, but also in his wild gesticulation and self-animation at the touchline.

In few minutes, Sunday will be in action against Fuckerty FC. As you watch the match, don’t miss the coach’s vibes too.

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