Reality Star Juliet Ebiteinye Replies Those Pressurizing Her To Lose Weight And Get Married – Video

Reality show star Juliet Ebiteinye has replied to all those pressurizing her to lose weight and get married saying it’s a blessing from God so they shouldn’t pressurize her into anything.

Juliet in a viral video said that marriage is a blessing from God and when He does it at the right time it becomes beautiful so no one should pressurize her into marrying anyone since marrying the wrong person can cause you a lot of harm.


Speaking about her weight, Juliet Ebiteinye quoted the bible asking those her to lose weight whether they haven’t read in the bible that they will be fat and fleshy that they want her to lose weight and she’s not doing anything like that.

Marriage is something Juliet has no control over and her weight is nothing to be worried about so those giving her pressure to lose weight and get married should understand that there’s nothing wrong with who she is right now.

Putting pressure on women to get married has driven some into depression and others into bad marriages yet society has refused to stop putting pressure on women to get married forgetting that marriage doesn’t make a woman whole.

video below;

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