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Oil Money FC: Rich team. Good players.

Oil Money: Rich team. Good players.


Yesterday, even people with no eyes would see the superiority of Oil Money in all walks of life. A well-kitted team of players, a calm coach with a charismatic drip, and a filthy rich owner with wealth beyond any dream of avarice.


Whoever was behind the selection of the players have done one hell of a good job. 12 hungry players sitting on the lap of luxury with an eye on gold. This team has the necessary chemistry to go all the way and challenge the trophy.


“I was expecting this wining because I have mercenaries” Said the coach. “And the owner of the team deserves all the praises for the financial and managerial support.”


Jaybee, the captain of the team disclosed that “what the owner have spent on the team is much more than the grand prize of the competition. We are playing for the joy and fun of it”. Although it is too early to name a possible winner

but it is safe to say Oil money is a strong favorite.

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