NL LIST!! 5 Nigerian Celebrities Who Used to Be Rappers

Before arriving where they are meant to be, humans may travel many different roads. This holds true in a variety of areas of life, but it is particularly true when it comes to discovering your passion and choosing a career.

We’ll be counting down 5 Nigerian celebs on today’s list that you might not know actually attempted rapping.

Lasisi Elenu

Another popular name who you may not know started out as a rapper is comedian and skit maker, Lasisi Elenu. Speaking about his time as a rapper, Lasisi said:

Before this, I used to do music and I put out songs but what I did then was I’d sit down in my car and I’d record myself rapping to instrumental. I’d just download any form of instrumental and I’d rap to it. I got comments, maybe 4, 5, 6 as the case may be. I was also consistent in doing that but it took me nowhere.

Genevieve Nnaji

Genevieve Nnaji, a well-known actress, famously turned to music during the now-famous period when several Nollywood actors and actresses were banned from performing. Since most people only know Genevieve for her hit song “No More,” they are unaware that she also released an album at the same time called “One Logo Logo Line,” which features the song “Bump It Up” on track 5 and shows off her hip-hop side. Genevieve provided the rap for that song, which continues to be one of the album’s outstanding tracks.


Basketmouth, a comedian from Nigeria, has been frank about his past as a failed rapper. Basketmouth had intended to become a successful rapper before turning to comedy, but sadly, that goal was not realized. When discussing his failure as a rapper, Basketmouth said:

I’m a failed rapper. Yes, I failed as a rapper. But I didn’t fail because it was a case of [not delivering]. On stage, I was funny, but all my friends were funny so I didn’t know it was a gift. I thought it was a normal thing. I was pushing rap; trying to make music but what I was doing then was blending Afrobeat with a hip hop vibe. It was a bit too ahead of my time. People didn’t get it. We struggled, so I’ll say we failed at doing something new

Jim Iyke

We all bore witness to the time when Nollywood actor Jim Iyke decided to go into music as a rapper. It was met with heavy backlash and a lot of laughter at the actor, but don’t worry, Jim is laughing about it today too. Speaking about his time as a rapper, Jim Iyke said:

I jumped into music and you know what? That was a humbling experience. Cuz at the end of the day I discovered that I was probably the worst rapper ever. But I enjoyed the experience.

Frank Edoho

Frank Edoho is the only individual on this list who, at least to me, comes as a surprise. Currently, Frank Edoho is well-known for serving as the show’s host. But few are aware that before beginning the career he has today, he was a rapper first. Frank Edoho talked about his experience as a rapper and the reasons he stopped:

Back then, I was well-known as MC Frank during my years at the University of Calabar. I’m a hip-hop head because I used to listen to a lot of rap music. One day, in school, I did a rap to an instrument that was playing during a show I was anchoring on campus. I was like ‘Hey, I can flow on the beat’ and the audience said, ‘I can’t’. So, the DJ hit the instrument and I started freestyling until the crowd started shouting. I thought the shouting was to tell me that I was doing badly – I didn’t know it was an ovation. So after the show, I felt I should maximize the skill but there was no money in rap back then, and that was how I abandoned it.

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Which of These celebrities did best as a rapper? – Let’s Talk

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