LISTEN!! 7 Afrobeat Songs That Reflect Your Financial Status

Nigeria is at a critical time economically as the gap between the haves and the haves not is widened like never before.

Despite the continuous assault on the economic well-being of Nigerians, the citizens have continued to thrive to keep their heads above water.


In recognition of the daily struggles of Nigerians to achieve financial success, we have highlighted seven songs that capture the different financial statuses in society.

Whether you have 30 billion in your bank account or just 2k, Naijaloaded has 7 Afrobeat songs for you.

1. ‘Trenches’ by Skibii for those suffering under sapa

This song is for those doing BDSM in poverty. Individuals who are tired of being broke and they have turned to a higher power to liberate themselves from the grips of ‘Sapa’ (Serious absence of purchasing ability).

2. ‘Dangote’ by Burna Boy for the pre-rich

A song for the tech bros, others who are earning in dollars, and those who earn so much money but are always complaining about being broke.

This song is for hustlers who are laser-focused on making money and attaining a financial status where they can measure up with the elites.

3. ‘Reason with Me’ by Rudeboy for the hard workers

The song encapsulates the mindset of people who say, “I go soon make am.” They are steadily putting in the work with the belief that the hustle will pay off someday soon.

These people are not deterred by their current account balance – which is currently in the red.

4. No Wahala’ by 1da Banton – “Wahala No Dey Finish” for people with no savings

These people are always ordering food and going for weekend getaways and posting “any small money, na enjoyment’ and “don’t worry about my future”.

This song is for people who don’t have as much money as they need or want but have chosen to find happiness amidst the gloom.

5. ‘Odogwu’ by Burna Boy for the rich

This is the song that should be played anytime you walk into the club or spray money at a party.

It is for the wealthy individuals who are movers and shakers of society. They are the one-percenters who are hailed by musicians at a party and who many people aspire to.

6. ‘Omo Ope’ by Asake for those with new money

This song is for people with ‘new money. People who just ‘blew’, traveling to Dubai, tasting champagne for the first time, and experiencing the first taste of luxury.

The song captures the financial status of individuals who have achieved what 9ice called “Small work, plenty of money.”

7. ‘Doings’ by Flavour for those with generational wealth

This song is for people with mad money. Those who travel to Italy just for the Gelato and to Kenya to see the Giraffe and back to Italy again to chill at Palazzo Versace.

They put their money in people’s faces and never miss an opportunity to make a statement

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