“Learn To Turn Your Mistakes Into An Advantage” Actor Itele Preaches


Following criticism for being a slacker father, Itele, a Nollywood actor, also known as Ibrahim Yekini, has become a preacher.

The actor, who has learned from his mistakes and turned over a new leaf, is using his experience to impart wisdom on others.

Itele recently said on Instagram that making mistakes isn’t enough to become great.

Instead, you must acknowledge your errors and then figure out how to use them to your advantage.

“Making mistakes isn’t enough to become great. You must also admit the mistake and then learn how to turn that mistake into an advantage”.

Nollygistvibes recalls Itele had spoken out following the heavy backlash he received for abandoning his kids who he shares with his ex wife.

Itele took to the dm of Gistlover to apologise.

He stated that he is a God fearing man and God truly sees his heart.

Itele revealed that he never knew that was where she and the kids live as that was her mother’s house.

“Good afternoon GLB, I am using this opportunity to thank you. I want gou to know that I am a God fearing man. God sees my heart, I never knew that is where the kids stays because the last time I check they are staying at Dalemo Alakuko. Immediately I saw that Video it really broke me down I can’t sleep. This is not me. I knew that house to be her mom’s house I never knew that’s

where the kids are living now. But I’m not trying defend myself I accept all the faults and I will do the needful. I am going to send you a post that I posted last week. Like I foresaw what is coming. Success is sweet but the secret is sweat. It has not been easy for me since the day of my movie titled (KESARI)”.

Actor Itele preaches

“Learn To Turn Your Mistakes Into An Advantage” Actor Itele Preaches

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