“Last Last” Is The New “Essence” — True Or Not?

It’s Summer already, and everywhere you turn, you hear Burna Boy’s baritone screaming for weed and alcohol.

Yeah, because that’s exactly what his latest hit, “Last Last” is all about. It’s a heartbreak song all right, but it just happens to be a time when everybody needs “igbo and shayo.”

Burna Boy has a big hit again, and it’s already beginning to go far. It’s charting in different countries, and on social media, it’s beginning to go viral with people making videos and all.

Before now, the Grammy-winning singer has struggled to put out an impressive single to follow up his 2020 album, “Twice As Tall.” After tweaking his sound a little to make the Grammy campaign work, he had trouble getting people to feel the real Burna again.

But with “Last Last,” slated to be the first single off his forthcoming studio album, “Love, Damini,” fans are again embracing the personal touch that Burna Boy brings with his music. This same approach hasn’t worked quite well for others, obviously.

The thing about “Last Last” is that it’s a song that almost everyone can relate to. The concept of “breakfast” being a national cake isn’t something new to any listener. And the very fact that Burna Boy is opening up about a heartbreak makes the song even more powerful.

Burna Boy used that opportunity to tell his story and make it known that he has been through a lot too, even though all seems to be going well for him. A failed relationship, and a near-death experience, are the two main themes on “Last Last.”

But away from the thematic expression, the lyricism is pretty simple. He stuck with simple words, simple slang, and catchy stuff. “E don cast,” “last last,” and “I need igbo and shayo” have all quickly become popular in the streets because these are things people would say ordinarily before. With a Burna Boy song, it sounds even more hip and fans won’t mind singing along to that.

Last Last” has brought back the Burna Boy’s glory. Something songs like “Kilometre” and “Question” couldn’t do for him. This is perhaps his best song since the “Twice As Tall” era.

It’s everywhere now and it is good enough to take over from “Essence” as the next African song to go global. “Last Last” just might be the new song of the summer. The new “Essence.”

What do you think?

Do You Think “Last Last” Is As Good As “Essence”?

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