Actor kunle Afod apologized to His Wife and Promise Never To Cheat again

Kunle Afod, a Nollywood actor, has demonstrated the proverbial adage, “The fear of Gistlover is the beginning of wisdom,” according to a PraizeMedia story.

Similar to Mercy Aigbe, the actor has humbled himself to create a moment that will change his life.

On Wednesday, June 29th, we reported that the anonymous blogger had dragged him while criticizing his wife, Desola Afod, for tolerating her husband’s multiple indiscretions.

Desola Afod, Kunle Afod’s stunning wife, lashed out at the blog for spreading rumors about their union.

Desola Afod, who always identified as a famous wife, didn’t hold back when it came to criticizing those who wished her marriage poorly.

She lost her cool after anonymous blogger Gistlovers revealed the unethical behavior the self-proclaimed celebrity wife tolerated in order to maintain her marriage.

Desola is completely aware that Gistlover described her husband as a public restroom who enjoys sleeping with his film school classmates.

Desola was criticized by Gistlover for covering up and protecting her husband’s multiple relationships.

Additionally, the blogger revealed how Desola took Kunle Afod away from her pal at a birthday celebration.

In a new update, Kunle Afod has promised to turn a new leave and has begged Gistlover to stay off his case.

This came after the blog vowed to drag him and spill his dirty secrets.

Saving himself from future shame and ridicule, Kunle Afod made a promise to the blog to quit sleeping around.

Gistlover wrote ; “This is so laughable in as much as this isn’t a bully platform but this is laughable, God likes when sinners repent, even God rejoices when they do. We are happy going forward Actor Kunle Afod will do better and stick to his wife without throwing his prick up and down, things we love to see. God bless the Afods.

So earlier today, Kunle Afod as him don see how itele matter become yam pepper scatter scatter, he reached out to Adekola (one of GLB pikin) and plead that Bukola reach out to me and apologize on his behalf for all his misdeed, because truly there were lots of evidence and we don tell am say after Itele na him dey next on queue before Pa Latin TAMPAN, we are glad moving forward he will change and be of good conduct and to the Abebelube celeb wife too, God knows even things wey wey want talk sef is of your own benefit for your marriage but your Mushin champion wey dey your body no gree you see Road. He pain me say we no go open this chapter again as this platform is not even meant to disgrace people but who would have thought say as you dey do boda mi boda mi reach them dey well story for another day, for now let’s celebrate a repented soul, Kunle Afod you are doing well moving forward please we no wan hear any kurukere again, let all these girls be, house don full already, face your wife and your kids and see things turn out for you. I come in peace.

Note : This is not to mock them but to explain to the general public why we won’t be doing their case again and to apologise to those who brought reports about the Afods that they are new creatures now, Old thing have passed away. God bless everyone”.

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